Qatar Vodafone Passport Pack

Qatar Vodafone Passport Pack

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By Hamza

For travelers from Qatar exploring the Gulf region, Vodafone Qatar has launched an exciting new roaming package – the ‘Vodafone GCC Passport’. This all-in-one solution ensures you can remain seamlessly connected during your journeys across the GCC countries.

The Vodafone GCC Passport is tailored for those embarking on trips within the Gulf Cooperation Council nations, including Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman. At just QR 150, this special roaming pack provides a generous 5GB of data and 100 roaming minutes, valid for 7 full days of usage.

Whether you’re a Prepaid or Postpaid Vodafone Qatar customer, activating or renewing the GCC Passport is incredibly convenient. Simply use the My Vodafone App, call their customer service, or dial 110150# to get started.

Orhan Uzal, Consumer Business Unit Director at Vodafone Qatar, commented: “We understand the customers’ need to stay connected, and with the new Vodafone GCC Passport, customers can stay connected with their loved ones, as well as experience seamless browsing and streaming while traveling in the GCC.”

This thoughtfully designed roaming solution addresses the connectivity needs of Qatar’s globally mobile citizens and residents. With abundant data and minutes at their disposal, users can share updates, make video calls, access maps and travel information with ease as they explore iconic Gulf destinations.

The GCC Passport is just one facet of Vodafone Qatar’s comprehensive roaming offerings. Their standard Vodafone Passport Pack provides 1GB of data, 100 incoming minutes, and unlimited inflight roaming across 155+ countries worldwide, all for just QR100 per week.

For those desiring more robust global roaming, a monthly Passport Pack gives you 4GB of data and 300 roaming minutes to use in any of Vodafone’s worldwide networks for QR320 per month.

No matter where your Qatar visa takes you, Vodafone Qatar ensures you’ll always be able to share special travel moments, access essential information, and remain personally and professionally connected through their flexible, value-packed roaming bundles.

To learn more about the new GCC Passport and other roaming options from Vodafone Qatar, visit today. Stay connected without constraints as you explore Qatar’s neighboring Gulf nations and beyond!


What is the Vodafone Qatar Passport Pack?

The Vodafone Qatar Passport Pack is a roaming bundle that provides 1GB of data, 100 incoming call minutes, and unlimited inflight roaming for use in over 155 countries worldwide. It’s available for just QR100 per week, making international connectivity incredibly affordable.

What’s included in the Monthly Vodafone Qatar Passport Pack?

For longer trips, opt for the monthly Vodafone Qatar Passport Pack. This robust roaming plan gives you 4GB of data and 300 roaming minutes to use across Vodafone’s global networks for QR320 per month.

How do I activate the Vodafone Passport Pack?

Activating the Vodafone Passport Pack is easy from Qatar or abroad:

  1. Open the My Vodafone App
  2. Go to “Add-ons” > “Roaming”
  3. Select “Vodafone Passport Pack”
  4. Click “Activate”

You can also dial 110110# or 111 to subscribe.

Do I need to select a roaming network?

No, the Vodafone Passport Pack benefits apply automatically regardless of which roaming service provider’s network you connect to in the destination country.

How do I renew the Vodafone Passport Pack?

The Vodafone Passport Pack is valid for 1 week from activation. You can renew it anytime by ensuring your bill limit covers the charge. Reactivate through the app, 110110#, or by calling 111.

How can I check my remaining Passport Pack data?

To view your remaining data allowance, open the My Vodafone App or dial *129#. You’ll get an SMS notification when your allowance is consumed or the pack expires.

Can I combine the Vodafone Passport Rate and Pack?

Yes, using both the Vodafone Passport Rate and Pack together maximizes your savings. Charges beyond the Pack’s allowance are just QR1/MB, QR1/min, or QR1/SMS when roaming in supported countries.

When should I activate my Vodafone Passport Pack?

It’s advisable to activate the Passport Pack on the day you travel to avoid incurring roaming charges before it kicks in at your destination.

When does the Vodafone Passport Pack expire?

The Vodafone Passport Pack expires at midnight Qatar time on the 7th day after activation. For example, if activated on Monday, it’s valid until 23:59 on Sunday.

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