How to Register National Address Using Metrash2 App

How to Register National Address Using Metrash2 App in 2024?

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By Hamza

The Qatar government has introduced a new National Address system that all residents must register for. This system helps make life easier for everyone living in the Gulf state. Let’s break down what it means and why it’s important:

What is a National Address?

A National Address is a set of details that every person in Qatar, whether a citizen or expat, must provide. These details help the government and other organizations reach you easily.

The Qatar Ministry of Interior (MOI) has made it a rule that everyone must register their National Address. This new system is changing how things work in Qatar, making life smoother for residents.

Getting Ready to Register

Before you start the registration process, make sure you have:

  • A smartphone with the Metrash2 app installed
  • Your Qatar ID (QID) and PIN code
  • Your home or work address details
  • Your Kahramaa (utility) account number
  • A working mobile number and email address

If you don’t have the Metrash2 app yet, you can download it from:

  • Google Play Store for Android phones
  • Apple App Store for iPhones

Step-by-Step Guide to Register Your National Address in Qatar Using Metrash2 App

Now, let’s go through the steps to register your National Address using the Metrash2 app:

Step 1: Logging In

Open the Metrash2 app and log in with your QID and PIN

Step 2: Finding the Registration Prompt

Look for a pop-up message about registering your National Address

Step 3: Accessing the National Address Section

Tap on the National Address icon on the home screen

Step 4: Starting the Registration Process

Select “Add National Address”

Step 5: Choosing the Registration Option

Choose “Register/Inquire National Address”

Step 6: Entering Your Details

Fill out the form with your details:

  • Zone
  • Building number
  • Street name
  • Kahramaa number
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

Step 7: Moving to the Next Step

Tap “Next” when you’re done

Step 8: Agreeing to the Pledge

Read the National Address Pledge and tap “Continue”

Step 9: Finalizing Your Registration

Check your details and tap “Done” to finish

After you complete these steps, you’ll get a text message confirming your registration.

Registering National Address for Family Members in Qatar

  • Fathers can register for themselves and their children under 18
  • Children over 18 and wives need to register separately
  • Guardians must register for minors in their care

Penalties for Not Registering Your National Address

If you don’t register or give wrong information on purpose, you might have to pay a fine of up to 10,000 Qatari Riyals.

Benefits of the National Address System

By registering your National Address, you’re helping to make Qatar’s systems work better. Here’s how it helps:

  1. Faster Services: Government and businesses can reach you more easily
  2. Better Mail Delivery: Your letters and packages will find you faster
  3. Smoother Legal Processes: Courts can send you important documents quickly
  4. Improved Emergency Response: Help can reach you faster in case of emergencies
  5. Efficient City Planning: The government can plan better services for your area

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