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Tasheer Saudi Visa Center Qatar | Complete Guide

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By Hamza

Formerly operating under the name VFS Tasheel, the Tasheer Saudi Visa Center plays a pivotal role in facilitating visa applications for travelers seeking entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With authorization from the esteemed Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tasheer operates visa application centers in about 40 countries around the globe as of 2024.

Services Offered by the Tasheer Visa Center

The Qatar branch of the Tasheer Saudi Visa Center, situated on the first floor of Doha’s Ezdan Mall, offers a comprehensive suite of services to assist applicants through every step of the Saudi visa application process. Their offerings include:

  • Submission of Visa Applications: Tasheer agents help applicants prepare and compile all necessary paperwork before submitting their finalized visa applications directly to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Biometric Registration: Utilizing state-of-the-art systems, Tasheer registers applicants’ biometric data, including digital photographs, fingerprints, and more. This data is used by Saudi immigration authorities to identify travelers upon arrival in the Kingdom.
  • Payment Processing: From visa fees to medical insurance costs, Tasheer is equipped to accept payment for all mandatory charges associated with securing a Saudi travel visa.
  • Status Monitoring: Applicants who supply an email address or mobile number can opt to receive real-time updates on their application status as it progresses through administrative review.
  • Passport Delivery: Once issued, visas are affixed to applicants’ passports which are then either made available for in-person pickup or shipped via courrier service upon request.

Beyond purely administrative functions, the Tasheer Center also provides invaluable guidance and advisory services to demystify the intricate Saudi visa process for applicants.

Location of the Tasheer Saudi Visa Center in Qatar

Qatar-based residents and expatriates can continue to visit the Tasheer Center on Level 1 of the Ezdan Mall in Doha. Conveniently located near Gate 1 on Al Qabiya Street, the Center is easily accesible via public transportation.

Contact Information for the Tasheer Visa Center

With questions regarding Saudi visa applications or appointments at the Tasheer Center, applicants can direct emailed inquiries to: [email protected]. The official Tasheer website also offers a wealth of up-to-date information.

Tasheer Visa Center Hours

In order to best serve the needs of the thousands of travelers who pass through its doors annually, the Tasheer Visa Center in Doha maintains the following operating hours:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Fridays & Saturdays: Closed

Outside of these hours, late-night or weekend travelers can still access essential Tasheer services like appointment bookings and application status checks online.

Mandatory Documents for All Saudi Visa Categories

These documents are mandatory for all Saudi visa applicants at the Tasheer Center:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Passport with at least 6 months validity except for American nationality
  3. Passport must not have any conditions preventing the passport holder from entering their country
  4. Recent photograph with white background
  5. A copy of the civil ID valid for at least 3 more months

How to Apply for a Saudi Visa Through Tasheer

Below are the steps to apply for a Saudi visa through the Tasheer Service Center official website:

Step 1: Prepare Documents

  • Visit Tasheer’s ‘Visa Information and Guidelines’ section to know your visa category
  • Refer to the ‘Documents Required’ section and obtain the necessary documents
  • Email Tasheer at provided address for any inquiries

Step 2: Book Appointment

  • Visit Tasheer’s ‘Schedule Appointment’ section to book your appointment. Alternatively, visit the Visa Center.
  • The appointment letter will provide appointment details, fees, guidelines etc.

Step 3: Submit Visa Application

  • Arrive at the center 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • You will receive a token and be called to the counter to submit your documents
  • Opt for Value Added Services like SMS Updates and Courier delivery

Step 4: Biometric Enrollment

  • Submit your biometrics information including photographs, fingerprints etc.
  • Your completed application will be collected for processing

Step 5: Track Application Status

  • Track your application status online if you opted for SMS updates

Step 6: Collect Passport

  • Visit the Visa Center once your processed application is ready, along with your original invoice
  • If you opted for courier delivery, your passport will be delivered to the provided address

Types of Saudi Visas Available Through Tasheer

Qatari residents can apply for various Saudi visas at the Tasheer Center like:

  • Saudi Tourist Visa
  • Saudi Business Visa
  • Saudi Medical Visa
  • Saudi Family Visit Visa
  • Saudi Work Visa
  • Other Saudi Visa Categories

Tasheer Visa Fees

The table below displays the various visa-related fees for Tasheer:

S.NoFee TypeCharges (QAR)
1MoFA Visa Fee (Extend Return 24 months)*2,568.38
2MoFA Enjaz Fee*40.00
3MoFA Medical Fee (If applicable)*40.00
4Service Fee – Regular appointment*134.00
5Lounge Service Fee*335.00

Booking a Tasheer Visa Appointment in Qatar

With demand for Saudi visas on the rise, the Tasheer Visa Center in Doha offers travelers a convenient online portal through which appointments can be scheduled in advance.

Should I Book an Appointment?

Booking an appointment ahead of time using Tasheer’s website has several advantages:

  • It allows applicants to select their preferred date and time rather than arriving as a walk-in. This helps avoid long queues and wait times at the Visa Application Center.
  • Appointments are necessary for many visa categories with strict limits on the number of walk-in slots available per day.
  • While walk-ins are currently permitted, applicants run the risk of being turned away if the Center has reached maximum intake capacity for the day.

However, travelers who are unable to book appointments in advance can still opt to visit the Center in person as a walk-in applicant.

Step-by-Step Guide to Scheduling an Appointment

Follow these simple steps to guarantee your slot at the Tasheer Visa Center:

Step 1: Visit Tasheer’s Official Website

Go to Tasheer’s official website.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

Click the Schedule appointment option. You don’t need an account.

Step 3: Reschedule or Waitlist Appointments

Reschedule or waitlist appointments using the available options.

Step 4: Select Nationality and Visa Category

Click appointment schedule and select nationality and visa category.

Step 5: Complete the Captcha

Complete the Captcha and a new column will appear below to select city and dates.

Step 6: Accept Terms and Conditions

Scroll down and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 7: Select Visa Sub-Category

Select visa sub-category and number of travelers.

Step 8: Privacy Policy and Proceed

Tick the privacy policy and click next.

Step 9: Enter Sponsor’s Information

Enter sponsor’s Iqama number and 7-digit visa number and click next.

Step 10: Fill Applicant Details

Fill details of all applicants as they appear on passport.

Step 11: Fill Passport and Address Sections

Scroll down to fill passport and Saudi address sections.

Step 12: Proceed After Entering Information

Click next after entering all applicants’ information.

Step 13: View Available Appointment Dates

Click the blue arrows to view available appointment dates and slots.

Step 14: Book Appointment

Book your Tasheer appointment date and time slot.

Step 15: Confirm Booking

Confirm booking after verifying all details.

Once your appointment is successfully scheduled through the Tasheer website or call center, you will receive official appointment letter containing:

  • Visa Application Center Address: This specifies the exact location of your booking within the Tasheer Center facilities.
  • Administrative Fees: Your confirmation letter will indicate visa processing fees as well as any optional service charges to be paid during your appointment.
  • Important Guidelines: General instructions concerning application materials, ID verification, dress code and security procedures at the Visa Center.

Rescheduling or Cancelling a Tasheer Appointment

To reschedule an appointment:

  • Go to ‘Reschedule Appointment’
  • Input your reference details and new date

To cancel an appointment:

  • Visit ‘Cancel Appointment’
  • Enter reference details and confirm cancellation

Cancelled bookings cannot be retrieved. Schedule a fresh slot online or at the Visa Center.

Visa Processing Time at the Tasheer Center

For applications received in the same Saudi city, documents are sent to the Embassy/Consulate the next working day. For other locations, documents reach in 2 working days.

Visa processing time depends on the accuracy of applicant documents. Tasheer takes no responsibility for documentation accuracy/completeness.

Per their statement, Tasheer plays no role in visa assessments or decisions, which is the sole prerogative of Saudi Embassies and Consulates. Therefore, they cannot be held liable for visa processing delays or rejections once documents are submitted.

Visa duration and number of entries granted depends solely on the Saudi Embassies/Consulates.

To check your visa application’s status, use Tasheer’s ‘Track Status’ feature.

Difference Between Tasheer Visa Center and the Saudi Embassy

The Tasheer Visa Center in Qatar located in Ezdan Mall is not the Saudi Embassy.

As an outsourced agency, Tasheer handles non-judgmental, administrative aspects of Saudi visa applications.

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