Qatar Visa Centers Giving Free SIM Cards

Qatar Visa Centers Giving Free SIM Cards

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By Hamza

For those pursuing job opportunities in Qatar, the country’s Qatar Visa Centers abroad are making the transition smoother. These specialized centers, now operating in major labor-exporting nations like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, are providing newly recruited workers with free mobile SIM cards preloaded with QR30 balance.

This thoughtful initiative aims to keep the incoming expatriate workers connected with their families during their journey and initial stay in the Qatari nation.

Al Meer highlighted the key benefits, stating, “The SIM card will have QR30 balance so the new worker can talk to his family, employer or the Ministry.” This way, the worker’s mobile number remains accessible to the Ministry and employers for any necessary communication.

The free Qatar visa SIM cards will be registered directly in the worker’s name, ensuring proper documentation. All expatriates entering Qatar through these visa facilitation centers will be eligible for this complimentary connectivity service.

Describing the comprehensive services offered, Al Meer said, “The recruitment procedures available at QVCs are to take biometrics of expatriates, register vital data, conduct medical examinations, and sign the employment contract through a more transparent and responsible recruitment system.”

While the residency permit cards will be issued upon the workers’ arrival in Qatar, Al Meer indicated that future phases could include issuing health cards and bank cards at the visa centers themselves.

Qatar has already launched visa facilitation centers in four major labor exporters – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, with two centers currently operational in India. The plan envisions establishing a total of 20 service centers across eight countries, also including Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, and Tunisia.

This Qatar Visa Centers abroad program, implemented in cooperation with key Qatari ministries, aims to streamline and enhance the entire recruitment process for incoming expatriate workers through centralized, advanced services.

By providing free SIM cards upfront, Qatar is ensuring its new workforce can seamlessly communicate during their transition, demonstrating the country’s commitment to supporting expatriate welfare from the very beginning.

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