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Qatar Visa Extension: Guide to Renewing Visas in 2024

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With so much to see and experience, visitors to Qatar often find they need extra time to fully explore everything this destination has to offer. If you wish to extend your Qatar visa and continue enjoying the country’s many attractions in 2024, it’s important to understand the visa renewal rules and procedures.

This complete guide takes the guesswork out of visa extensions so you can seamlessly continue exploring this captivating crossroads of culture.

How to Extend Qatar Visa Online

Fortunately, Qatar has streamlined the process for extending visas through the online Ministry of Interior portal. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Confirm Your Visa is Eligible

Log into the Ministry of Interior visa services portal using your visa number or passport details. Navigate to your visa status page and ensure your existing visa permits an extension before applying.

Step 2: Access the Online Visa Renewal Form

From the main services page, click on “Visit Visa Extension” to access the electronic visa renewal application.

Step 3: Submit Your Details

Fill in the pre-populated form accurately with your name, visa number, nationality, phone number, and answer the captcha. Double check all entered details before submitting.

Step 4: Select Extension Duration and Pay Fees

Using the dropdown menu, choose a one month or three month extension period. Pay the associated QR extension fees online via the integrated payment gateway to complete the process.

How to Extend Qatar Visa Offline

Alternatively, you can opt to renew your expiring visit visa manually by visiting the General Directorate of Passport’s office in-person if you meet the requirements. Here is the process:

Step 1: Download the Application Form

Go to the Ministry of Interior website and download the physical visa extension application form to fill later.

Step 2: Fill in Your Personal Information

Provide your full name, contact information, passport details, existing visa number and other specifics in the form. Double check all written details for total accuracy.

Step 3: Prepare Supporting Documents

Have the following documents ready to submit with the form – original passport, existing visa copy, confirmed return travel booking, sponsor’s NOC letter (if applicable), one passport photo and the medical check results.

Step 4: Visit In-Person Before Expiry

Go to the Passports General Directorate office to manually submit your extension application before the current visa expiration date. Locate the visa renewal/services desk.

Step 5: Submit Paperwork and Fees

Hand in your form, passport, and all supporting documents to the visa renewal officer.

Step 6: Verify New Expiry Dates

Your extended visa will be processed immediately and stamped into your passport if approved. Carefully check the new visa copy for accurate extended expiry dates before leaving the office.

Necessary Documents to Extend Qatar Visa

Carefully prepare the following mandatory documents before submitting any Qatar visa extension application:

  • Valid passport meeting 6 month minimum validity rule
  • Printed copy of your existing Qatar visa
  • Confirmed flight booking to exit Qatar on time
  • No objection letter from your sponsor, if visa sponsored
  • Fully completed application form
  • Standard passport-size photo
  • Medical check results from government approved health center

Check Qatar Visa Extension Status

After applying, you can check your Qatar visa status and updated validity through the Visa Inquiry & Printing portal:

Step 1: Visit the Qatar Visa Inquiry Portal

Step 2: Input your visa number, passport number and nationality details

Step 3: Your new visa status and expiry dates should then be displayed if approved

Step 4: Print if you require a physical copy of your visa details to carry

With this simple online check, you can confirm your visa extension success anytime.

Qatar Visa Extension Fees

The standard admin charge is QR 200 (AED 200) per month extended. For a maximum 3-month renewal, total fees would be QR 600 (AED 600).

Medical Check Requirements

Those needing longer stays and applying to renew family or official visas must also undergo a medical examination at an approved Ministry of Public Health centre:

The fee is QR 100 (AED 100). Results are automatically sent to the Ministry of Interior to finalize your renewal.

FAQs on Extending Visit Visas in Qatar

Before you begin your Qatar visa renewal application in 2024, review these commonly asked questions for further clarity:

How long can I extend my 30-day visit visa for?

You can legally extend your initial 30-day Qatar visit visa by up to 90 additional days for a total stay of up to 120 days (the 30-day original visa plus 90-day extension).

What documents do I need to renew my Qatar visit visa?

The required supporting documents are your valid passport, printed copy of your existing visa, confirmed flight ticket to exit Qatar, a No Objection Letter (if sponsored), complete visa extension form, your medical check results, one passport photo and the applicable fees.

How much are the fees to extend a visit visa?

Extension administrative charges are set at QR 200 per month you wish to renew your visa for. So, a 1-month renewal is QR 200. A 3-month maximum renewal would be QR 600 in total.

What is the processing time after I apply?

For the online visa renewal process, approvals with new visa copies are issued electronically within 1-2 business days in most cases. For in-person submissions, your extended visa can be stamped into your passport on the same day in the majority of successful cases.


With this updated guide for 2024, you can feel confident renewing your Qatar visit visa seamlessly via the fast online process or manually in just a few simple steps.

The key is to ensure you meet all visa extension requirements for documents, bookings, fees, medical checks and validity criteria before applying either digitally or in-person.

By precisely following each outlined procedure and double-checking new expiry dates, your stress levels can remain low, and you’ll be comfortably set to legally extend your adventures in Qatar!

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