Qatar ID Renewal Process

Qatar ID Renewal Process: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

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By Hamza

Maintaining a valid Qatar ID is crucial for residents and citizens of Qatar. This official identification card serves as a gateway to access vital services, confirms legal residency status, and enables seamless travel within the GCC region.

As the expiration date approaches, timely renewal is important to avoid penalties and ensure uninterrupted access to essential facilities. This comprehensive guide delves into the salient aspects of the Qatar ID renewal process, covering online and offline methods, required documents, fees, and the significance of keeping your Qatar ID up-to-date.

The Importance of Qatar ID Renewal

Renewing your Qatar ID is not just a formality; it holds immense importance for maintaining a legitimate presence in the country. Failure to renew can result in severe consequences, making it a legal obligation for all residents. Here are some salient reasons why Qatar ID renewal is vital:

  1. Legal Requirement: The Qatari government mandates that all residents and citizens possess a valid Qatar ID. Expired IDs can lead to fines and restrictions on accessing various services.
  2. Service Accessibility: Your Qatar ID serves as a key to unlock essential services such as healthcare, education, banking, and government facilities. Renewing it ensures uninterrupted access to these crucial amenities.
  3. Identity Authentication: The Qatar ID is a secure means of verifying your identity for employment, housing rentals, and other official purposes. Keeping it updated ensures accurate personal information and reduces the risk of identity theft or fraud.
  4. Hassle-free Travel: A valid Qatar ID enables smooth travel within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Renewing it on time prevents any disruptions or complications during your journeys.
  5. Security and Protection: The renewal process helps maintain the integrity of your personal information and protects it from potential misuse or unauthorized access.

Online Qatar ID Renewal

In today’s digital age, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) offers a convenient online platform for Qatar ID renewal. This method is not only time-saving but also eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices. Follow these steps to renew your Qatar ID online:

  1. Prepare Your Qatar ID Card: Ensure you have your smart Qatar ID card or its details readily available before initiating the online process.
  2. Log In to MOI E-Services: Access the MOI E-Services Portal on the official website and log in using your smart card PIN.
  3. Choose “Residency Services”: Select the “Residency Services” option, followed by “Renew Residency.”
  4. Renew Your Qatar ID Number(s): Enter your Qatar ID number (5 digits for individuals or up to 20 digits for companies) and click “Add.”
  5. Select the Renewal Period: Choose the desired renewal period, ranging from 1 to 3 years.
  6. Delivery Option: Decide whether you prefer to collect your new Qatar ID from an MOI service center or have it delivered to your address (additional fee applies).
  7. Make the Payment: Complete the transaction by paying the applicable fees online using a credit or debit card.
  8. Track Your Renewal: Track the status of your new Qatar ID.

Alternatively, you can also renew your Qatar ID through the Metrash2 application, following a similar process of logging in, selecting the renewal option, entering your Qatar ID number(s), choosing the renewal period and delivery method, and making the payment.

Offline Qatar ID Renewal

While online renewal methods offer convenience, some residents may prefer the traditional offline approach or have specific requirements. The Qatar ID renewal process differs slightly for expatriates and Qatari citizens when opting for the offline route.

For Expatriates Residing in Qatar

  1. Obtain and Fill the Application Form: Visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) website to download the relevant application form for Qatar ID renewal. Ensure you complete the form accurately with all the required information.
  2. Attach Necessary Documents: Along with the application, you must include a copy of your employer’s identification document or proof of the employer’s establishment (government entity, university, company, etc.).
  3. Submit to the Expatriates Affairs Department: Once you have the completed application form and supporting documents, submit them to the Expatriates Affairs Department for processing.

For Qatari Citizens

  1. Download and Complete the Renewal Application: Obtain the Qatar ID renewal application form from the MOI website and fill it out completely and accurately.
  2. Visit the Nationality and Travel Documents Department: Submit the completed renewal application form and any required supporting documents to the Nationality and Travel Documents Department.
  3. Present Your Current Qatar ID: When visiting the department, remember to carry your current Qatar ID card for verification purposes.
  4. Passport Photos for Senior Citizens: If you are over 65 years of age, you must include two recent passport-size photographs with your application.
  5. Pay the Required Fees: After submitting your application and documents, pay the applicable fees for the Qatar ID renewal process.

Required Documents for Qatar ID Renewal

Regardless of the renewal method chosen (online or offline), certain documents are typically required when applying for a new Qatar ID. These may include:

  • Qatar ID Application Form: Obtained from the MOI or relevant authorities.
  • Valid Passport: With a valid Qatar residency visa.
  • Residence Permit: If you are a resident of Qatar.
  • Recent Passport Photos: Meeting the specified requirements.
  • Medical Certificate: From an authorized medical center (sometimes required).
  • Sponsorship Documents: If sponsored by an employer or family member.
  • Supporting Documents: Such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, educational certificates, etc.

It is highly recommended to check with the MOI for the most up-to-date document requirements before initiating your Qatar ID renewal process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Qatar ID Renewal Fees

The fees associated with Qatar ID renewal vary based on the sponsorship and visa type:

  • Sponsorships for the wife, children, and entire family: QR 500 (1 year).
  • Employees sponsored by businesses, institutions, or shops: QR 1,000 (1 year).
  • Employees sponsored by their employers, servants, farmers, and sailors: QR 300 (1 year).
  • 20% discount for 3-year renewals: (personal, company, family, etc.).
  • Additional fee of QR 20: For Qatar Post delivery.

Additionally, there are smart ID fees associated with MOI online services:

  • QR 100: Smart card fee (same as traditional ID).
  • QR 100: 1 year of e-gate service.
  • QR 150: 2 years of e-gate service.
  • QR 200: 3 years of e-gate service.


Renewing your Qatar ID is a crucial responsibility that should not be overlooked. By following the proper steps, submitting the required documents, and paying the correct fees, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free renewal process. The MOI website and Metrash2 application provide comprehensive information and guidance to facilitate both online and offline renewals.

Keeping your Qatar ID up-to-date not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also guarantees uninterrupted access to vital services, seamless travel, and secure identity verification. Prioritize timely renewal to maintain your legal residency status and avoid penalties or disruptions in your daily life.

Remember, the Qatar ID is more than just an identification card; it is a testament to your legitimate presence in the country and a gateway to a seamless experience as a resident or citizen. Embrace the renewal process as an essential step in maintaining your rights and privileges in Qatar.

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